Traditional Thai Dress measuring
or for traditional style Thai wedding dresses.


Excepct this to be the most accurately made garment you have ever had.
If you lie on the measurements it will look wrong! Then it is your fault - not the time for vanity!

Have a friend help measure you and be sure to use a proper cloth measuring tape.

Where the shoes and under garments you intend to wear when you actually get married.

See form and fill in the form that will be sent
after general measurments guide has been received.

Please note: the way to measure for a dress has nothing to do with the size of your jeans
or the waist size or where they hang from!



1. Center front length _____cm

This is from the neck point to natural waistline (not jeans waist. It is the narrowest part)

2. Center back length _____cm


3. Front shoulder length _____cm

4. Back shoulder length _____cm


 5. Across back shoulder slope length _____cm



6. Bust point to Bust point  _____cm

Please wear the same foundation that you intend to wear with the Wedding dress.




7.Bust Height _____cm
From neck Point to Bust Point



 8. Bust circumference _____cm



 9. Natural waist circumference _____cm



Do not suck it in! Not Tight either


10. Top hip _____cm (measure at 13 cm below natural waist




11. Hip circumference _____cm

Widest part


12. Neck circumference  _____cm



13. Shoulder circumference  _____cm


14. upper arm circumference  _____cm


 15. Shoulder to elbow _____cm


16. Wrist circumference _____cm


17. Elbow circumference _____cm


18 Skirt length _____cm

Not pants waist!

from natural waist to length desired wearing footwear.

 19.Shoulder to wrist  _____cm


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